Friday, December 25, 2009

Friday Night Videos (X Mas Edition)

Merry Christmas from all of us at Arabian Facebuster.

And if you don't celebrate Christmas because of religious or secularist reasons, then happy garden variety Friday night. For unlike yr birth of Jesus celebrating, short-lived macroeconomic indicator stimulating, fa la la la la'ing brethren, you have no legitimate excuse not to get slobbering drunk, spend a good twenty minutes sexting with a cabin fatty or two, and give repeated viewings to this latest installment of Friday Night Videos featuring some grainy footage from The Midnight Rockers (and Rollers!?!?) short lived 1987 stint wrestling in the half-empty farm expo centers and war memorial auditoriums frequented by the Alabama based Continental Championship Wrestling promotion.

Shawn and Marty's men of intrigue and former ASIAN TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!!, The Terrorists. I think that's Terrorist #1 with the black body suit and red trunks. Wait, or is he in the red body suit and black trunks? Regardless, for a squash match in a slowly dying promotion (albeit one that enjoyed short lived resurgence in the Spring and Summer 1988 thanks to the innovative and often times controversially realistic booking and chicken shit heel in-ring contributions of Eddie Gilbert), this is some pretty solid action with The Terrorists bumping like crazy for those pretty boy whippersnappers who eventually prevail via a Rocker Plex.

FYI, the bleach blond, face painted hillbilly that appears in the box in the upper right hand corner is Danny Davis of The Nightmares tag team combination. Gordon Solie, (bottle o') scotch in hand no doubt, narrates the action.

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