Friday, December 04, 2009

Friday Night Videos

In an attempt to rid the stench of the latest but surely not the last Gagne family scandal from our collective acid washed jean jackets, yours truly Malibu Sands is proud to introduce a welcome albeit temporal respite for our readership...a bit that I'm going to call Friday Night Videos.

From the same Arabian Facebuster Sexy Action I-Team that brought you such Peabody Award nominated features as "Macho Madness Monday's" "Random Great American Bash Clip Friday's" and the two part expose into decadence and depravity that stems from trying to watch TNA's Impact Zone at a local Portland watering hole comes our most ambitious project to date...

The premise is simple: Every Friday late evening/early morning after a night of binge drinking, honky tonkin', cabin fatty fornication, and other unspecified acts mischievousness and debauchery catch a wave on the interwebs and surf on over to Arabian Facebuster. Fresh, unfettered content will the form of an actual rasslin' match for you to gaze at in a near blacked out state before passing out in a puddle of your own sick!

Genius, right?

So, without further ado, let's go to the ring and join the action in progress as "Nature Boy" Ric Flair overwhelms and absolutely eviscerates something called Roy Rogers, plucky yet completely outmatched jobber. The bout emanates from the St. Louis Wrestling Club's (Sam Munchnick's promotion) Wrestling From the Chase program, circa 1982/1983. Larry Matysik calls the action.


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Pencil Neck Geek said...

"I have to admit, I am impressed by Flair today, so far"

God, I miss piledrivers...