Friday, August 08, 2008

Rocky Mountain Thunder: Likes Scufflin'

From time to time, yours truly Malibu Sands likes to throw up a video that offers up a proverbial clinic on professional wrestling form, technique, and artistry. This, ladies and gentlemen, is very much that clip, taken from Rocky Mountain Thunder's magical roughshod run through the ranks of the American Wrestling Association's jobber pool during the summer of 1988.

Marvel at Admiral Thunder's uncanny ability to turn plodding around in the center of the ring into a poweful shoulder block, take a botched clothesline and fashion it into side head lock, and transform a garden variety vertical suplex into one of the most devastating finishing maneuvers ever delivered. Resume conjecturing as to the contents of that fabled gunny sack. Phone your local tuxedo rental company and inquire if they have any stripper secretion and booze stained red cumber buns in stock, just like the one worn by cabin fatty Lothario "Hairy" Larry Nelson; and if they do, then reserve them all for the weekend of August 21. And take a healthy swig of whatever fine alcoholic beverage that currently rests in your left hand (I suspect its a tall boy can of Camo Black Ice, a 40 ouncer of Steel Reserve Lager, or a salmanazar of Riunite that has spent the afternoon chilling on ice) every time Rod Trongard repeats the height, weight, or hometown of either one of the combatants. For Rocky Mountain Thunder's no ordinary man...he's a phenom.

And as per our custom, other suggested but ultimately unselected titles for this post include Rocky Mountain Thunder: Ask Him What He's Got In That Gunny Sack; Lee Marshall: Not The Guy That Wants To Go Find Out; Rocky Mountain Thunder: Does It Again; and Rocky Mountain Thunder: He's Just Awesome.

That he is, Lee Marshall. That he is.

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