Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Korchenko Follow-Up Post

A few days back, yours truly threw up on th' Facebuster a thus far well received (2 affirmative comments and counting!) post on Bill Watts' Mid-South/UWF territory and video clip featuring proud, patriotic, and barrel chested hoss's Watts and Dr. Death Steve Williams ambushing Eddie Gilbert and the mercenaries under his tutelage. And as you might recall, one of the mercenaries in question was Korchenko, the furry-booted Soviet apparachik who had the audacity to proudly display the ol' hammer-n-sickle on American soil.

I had no reason not to believe my favorite perpetrator of vehicular assault on Jerry Lawler that his protege hailed from the motherland...until I unearthed this clip from Korchenko's stint in the Memphis/CWA territory (circa 1984/early 1985), which makes me question his hard-line communist credentials and affinity for pirozhiki chomping and vodka swilling, not to mention doubt whether if at any point he and his extended family ever lived in a cramped two room apartment in a utilitarian, dull, dreary, massive, block housing complex. My Arabian Facebuster comrades, since when does an authentic Russian style/shave his eyebrows into a furrowed expression, germinate chest hair that resembles a Chia Pet, feel something other than utter contempt for the audience of materialistic, money-grubbing goons he competes in front of, publicly proclaim his fondness for accumulating "minty minty" American dollars, speak with an inflection similar to that of The Undertaker after an afternoon perusing driftwood art, or nearly bust into a fit of laughter multiple times over the course of a two minute promo?

Since never. That man's a impostor!

Now Soldat Ustinov, there's a communist agitator you can set your watch to.

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