Friday, April 27, 2007

Ring of Honor...It's On!

Yours truly will be heading to the St. Paul Armory this evening to plunk down a hard earned $15.00 in order to take in the action, competition, and spectacle that is Ring of Honor. While admittedly no more than a casual follower of the promotion, there are quite a few guys (notwithstanding notables like Christopher Daniels, Homicide, Aries, and Strong) that I am excited to see in action, specifically Takeshi Morishima, The Briscoe Brothers, Jack Evans (Apollo, wasn't he in WSX?), and Mike Quackenbush. Plus, it is Colt Cabana's final weekend working for ROH before relocating to Stamford, CT and paying about three months worth of dues jobbing to the likes of Val Venis and Kenny Dykstra on Heat before paying antoher three months of dues jobbing to the likes of The Great Khali and Johnny Nitro on RAW.

Anyways, here's the card...
ROH World Title Match
Takeshi Morishima vs. Austin Aries
FIP World Heavyweight Title Match
Roderick Strong vs. Christopher Daniels
World Tag Team Title Ultimate Endurance
(elimination match with each fall having a different stipulation. First fall can only be won by tap out. Second fall is a Tag Team Scramble meaning no tags are needed. Final fall is for the ROH World Tag Team Titles)
ROH World Tag Team Champions Jay & Mark Briscoe
Pelle Primeau & Mitch Franklin
Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw
Hallowicked & Gran Akuma

Four Corner Survival Match
Jack Evans vs. Delirious vs. Rocky Romero vs. Erick Stevens

Anything Goes Fight
Colt Cabana & Homicide vs. Brent Albright & Adam Pearce with Shane Hagadorn

Special Challenge Match
BJ Whitmer vs. Shingo
SHIMMER Tag Team Action
St. Paul's own Rain & Lacey vs. Sara Del Rey & Allison Danger
An update on the Ring of Honor experience will be forthcoming next week, along with a belated summary of the Western Wrestling Association preposterousness from a few weeks back...I promise!

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Apollo Spas said...

Jack Evans did indeed log time in th' WSX. He was the breakdancing spinny-flippy one. That looks like a pretty solid card y'got there.