Tuesday, April 10, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: Disco Inferno Arrested!

Law abiding and Christianist citizens of Georgia...disarm your home security systems, leave your doors ajar, let your children roam wild and/or free in the streets, and don't forget to PRAISE JESUS! For a sinful and illegal weekly high stakes poker game in your community has been shut down.

And get this...there's a wrestling connection! Glen Gilberti aka Disco Inferno (pictured here just moments before infiltrating a John Travolta impersonator convention) was arrested as part of the gambling sting. If you want more details on this wholly uninteresting situation, then click here.

Much like the iconic (albeit secular) weekly literary periodical TV Guide, Arabian Facebuster would like to give an enthusiastic CHEERS to Georgia state law enforcement for putting this degenerate, always on-tilt gambler and recreational drug user wanton, dangerous, and Godless criminal where he belongs -- BEHIND BARS.

Arabian Facebuster would also like to present Disco Inferno with a vociferous JEERS for the cigarette smuggling and sodomy that he will inevitably partake in while in the clink. Mr. Inferno, while in lockdown, we also hope that you find the time to repent for your sins and develop a personal
sanctimonious relationship with Jesus Christ. Because resurrection will be your reward.

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