Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Don West: Been to Mike Tenay's House Several Times

Here at Arabian Facebuster, we regard having to endure the episodic wacky shenanigans, predictably unpredictable, completely pointless, and quickly forgotten storyline twists, turns, and drivel, and manically paced, overbooked, flippity floppity and/or garbagey matches of the Total Nonstop Action! promotion commensurate to sitting through a reading of the complete works of that extreme (ly pedantic, har har) poet laureate Jeff Hardy, politely enduring the demented jibber jabber of a shaggy haired, easily excitable, inebriated stranger at the local booze emporium who does not answer to the name "Hairy" Larry Nelson, having to actually pay for our own Macanudo cigars, or recapping six weeks worth of the Titanic of sports entrainment otherwise known as ECW on Sci Fi with Mike Adamle at the rudder -- tedious, wretched, painfully disturbing, and at-times self-harm inducing. In fact, for many of us in the Facebuster nation, these have become activities that we actually find preferable to watching TNA!.

In order to prove my point and steadfastly defend this line of the reasoning, I submit for your consideration the clip above i.e. Exhibit A: the flimsily based/motivated and no doubt hastily conceived on-air dissolution of the friendship and professional working relationship between Mike Tenay and Don West, the latter becoming agitated at, contemptuous towards, and turning heel on the former for (a) selling him out to TNA! management by not actually selling him out to TNA! management and sitting in silence instead of letting the company's braintrust know how incompetent, unintelligent, unprepared and easily rattled his broadcast partner actually is; (b) an alleged longstanding clandestine yearning to pull down Sting's pants and kiss his ass (and, presumably, since he's already down there, Sting's shriveled, shrunken, droopy beanbag); and (c) some combination thereof.



Pencil Neck Geek said...

"Sez who?!" Sell it Mike Tenay, sell it! Don West better watch it or Mike Tenay's gonna sneak into his rumpus room at night and rip up all of his Von Hayes rookie cards.

A special request, Malibu- Please work the phrase "Sting's shriveled, shrunken, droopy beanbag" into all future posts. Thank you.

Malibu Sands said...

I was torn between the adjectives droopy and dangling RE: Sting's beanbag. I think I made the right selection.

The Rev. von Fury said...

Alt. Heading for this post:

"Mike Tenay: A Prick with no Balls"