Monday, March 30, 2009

...Because nobody here actually watches SmackDown!...

Armageddeon is truly upon us when they debut the New-Age Acolytes.


- Bunny Bissoux - said...

I was really hoping HBK could be lowered down into the ring hung on a cross and then as the cross hits the canvas, he lifts his head gives a wink and rips off the white garb to reveal some "i'm just a sexy boy" show stopping S & M outfit (PG of course), complete with giant cross earring and blue tinted sunglasses and he'd start gyrating as the music starts "uuuuhh uhhhh shawn.." and the white druids would begin a formation dance routine around the ring, whilst we all sway and clap "SEXY BOOOOOO-OOOOY" "BOOYYYYYYY TOOOOOO-OOOOOYY" maybe he could strip right down to a towel (a la playgirl) ... in fact maybe that's what he was headed before Bad Knees showed up. We can only hope they're saving the best for 'mania.

ps. I'll admit I was scared to go to bed for fear of taker suddenly bursting up through my mattress from down where he lay dormant. You can be damn sure i'll be checking under there again tonight.

Malibu Sands said...

After Ms. Bissoux's comment, I have nothing left to add. In fact, there really is nothing else that needs to be said about the whole Sexy Boy-American Badass Wrestle Mania kerfuffle.

Bunny, I implore you to participate in this year's Arabian Facebuster Wrestle Mania picks pool. If you get the least # of predictions correct, the Facebuster staff member with the 2nd fewest correct picks will no doubt cheerfully pay the $28.95 shipping and handling charge to get you a pristine copy of Hulk Hogan's autobiography on tape.


- Bunny Bissoux - said...

Malibu - you can count me in!

I shall have my predictions publicly displayed upon my blog before the big day commences.

However I was really looking forward to the possibility of having sex with Chyna - can that still be arranged?