Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sunny Days R Here Again!

In much anticipation amongst Arabian Facebuster's team of Sexy Action News correspondents and our devoted, racuous, and heavily intoxicated if fleeting readership of Sunny's participation in this year's Diva Battle Royal at Wrestle Mania XXV, I thought it appropriate to illustrate why we became so enamored with The Original Diva in the first place.

Unlike Brooke Hogan and the current crop of WWE skanks, Sunny is so much more than a pair of fake knockers, brain full of mush, and carrier of emotional baggage from being touched in an inappropriate fashion as a teenager by her exploitative father whose skin resembles a piece of discarded orange chewing gum. She not only looked (and from my understanding once again looks) stunning, she could deliver lines that upon a single distracted viewing appear extemporaneous, and effortlessly operate a penis shaped gun that sprays and soaks like the log flume ride at the Wild Waves/Enchanted Village amusement park.

Oh, and kudos to Julia Sweeney for creating the androgynous "Pat" character (I suggest following this link for the Ween performance alone) and the facial contortions that Jim Cornette blatantly ripped off to convey moistness, slight irritability, and the desire for either a change of dry clothes or a really absorbent towel after having Sunny squirt a high powered triple load all over his Van Husen dress shirt.

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