Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Reason #1 To Snuggle Hulk Hogan

I never thought we'd be praising Mr. Hogan's appearance, but the lovely Valerie made an excellent point during last night's "American Gladiators" finale. From his drooping jowls to his cream-and tan markings, our favorite dirgible looks like an adorable, cuddly basset hound! Heck, even his oft-maligned skullet looks like a set of floppy basset hound ears! He's even got that soulful, weight-of-the-world my-wife-is-leaving-me-because-I-nailed-my-daughter's-doppelganger expression! Don't you just wanna give him a belly rub?

On second thought, no, you don't. Puke.

As an added bonus, here is a crudely photoshopped image of the above basset wearing th' Huckster's patented schmatte.

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Leighsus Christ said...

Ow man! That photoshop's awesome!