Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Larry Nelson: Man of the People

What happens when you combine an all you can drink special on Schmidt's beer, an inebriated Minnesodan professing his admiration for Curt Henning ("yr doin' good bud, I love you Curt, I love you man!") and The Midnight Rockers ("rock and roll!") flanked by an unkempt posse of perpetual chortlers and excessive hand gesturers, and a gaggle of off-camera cabin fatties just waiting to have their vag's pounded into euphoric submission by the likes of "Jammin'" Mitch Snow and Marty Jannetty, with an incredibly parched Larry Nelson?

Click play on the clip above and see for yourself.

1 comment:

Apollo Spas said...

Christ, that looks like fun. I'm gonna slap on a ringer tee and load up on Schmidt.