Friday, September 03, 2010

Reason #2 to Despise Hulk Hogan

With the assistance of his incorrigible and infantile douche bag demon spawn Nick, Hulk Hogan has opened up a twitter account and is unleashing his cognitive distortions of self-importance and cultural relevance, unrelentingly self-promotional 140 character ramblings, unentertaining home twitvids, and shallow and unpersuasive insights and opinions.

The only encouraging takes I can proffer from this development: (1) We can incorporate this powerful, real time apparatus into our ongoing Hogan Family Death Pool watch; and (closely related) (2) Based on Hogan's slurred speech, flat affect, and drowsy demeanor in several of the twitvids he has uploaded, it seems as though he has been hitting the prescription drugs and painkillers pretty hard as of late.

That's good news if you are or rooting for Rev. Von Fury (or just simply rooting vociferously for the Hulkster's sudden demise) to prevail in our Death Pool sweepstakes.

Not one to be outdone or outflanked by the Hulkster, yrs truly Malibu Sands has retaliated in kind. That's right, I have established my very own twitter feed cum outpost and safe haven for Hogan dissidence, grievance airing, outrage manufacturing, and good ol' fashion bashing within the vast twitter frontier. I'm on and strong. So get 2 following! And tweeting!

Consider Arabian Facebuster's War on Sportz Entertainment and unwavering and unmitigated contempt of Hulk Hogan escalated.

On second thought, maybe I'll just leave the Hogan provocation and war waging to this upstanding gentleman.

1 comment:

Pencil Neck Geek said...

Based on HH's recent Twatvids from the hospital, a Death Pool victory for Rev Von Fury is imminent...

Excellent content as of late, Malibu! Someone should make a video montage of you posting set to "The Warrior" by Scandal.