Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Hogan Family Death Pool...Pool

Greetings Facebuster nation...Malibu Sands here posting under the Pencil Neck Geek moniker...too hung over to log into my own account.

Last night during night three of Arabian Facebuster's staff conferencing and fan conclaving at Chez Geek, the inaugural Hogan Family Death Pool drawing was held...sometime in between our switch from Heineken tall boys to Hamm's tall boys and switch from triple ay-ah featuring Teddy Hart absolutely murdering Jack Evans with an assortment of flippity floppery and the perpetration of clown violence on a balding X-Pac to TNA! featuring Kevin Nash cutting an indifferent 20 minute promo on his dearth of motivation and abundance of cash and some TV-14 close ups of The Beautiful People's surgical enhancements.

Hogan Family Death Pool assignments are as follows:

Pencil Neck Geek=stripper and diamond encrusted grillz accessorizer Brooke;

Apollo Spas=Charlie spooge receptacle and assorted over the counter pills popper Linda;

Rev. Von Fury=skin cancer afflicted and official uniting towel wave ruiner the Hulkster, brother;

Malibu Sands=reckless drifter n' driver and occassional in the poop hole taker Nick.

Gentlemen, let the games begin!

1 comment:

The Rev. von Fury said...

... seems as if the Hulkster and I have been united in our destinies all along now...

Do I win a special prize if he murders them all? Maybe just an honorable mention if he does in just one or two....