Tuesday, September 21, 2010

At Least She Slept Soundly

I have always suspected that Celebrity Rehab was ineffectual in helping D-level celebrities learn how to manage their substance addictions, achieve meaningful sobriety, and reduce their risk future relapse...and now I finally have the proof to substantiate my wild ass theorems in the form of X-Pac crooked bonerphone recipient, on again off again degenerate drug addict, and perpetual attention seeker/notoriety whore Chyna aka Chyna Doll aka Joanie Laurer aka The Pill Popping Succubus being hospitalized after some excessive and abusive over the counter allergy medication ingestion.

From some random site:
Former WWE star Chyna, whose real name is Joan Marie Laurer, was hospitalized on Saturday for overdosing on Benadryl.

According to TMZ, the former wrestler took five times the recommended dose of Benadryl in order to get a "good night's sleep." She's lucky she woke up at all. When she did awaken from her deep sleep, she started vomiting and couldn't move from her bed.

Paramedics were called to transport her to UCLA Medical Center where she was given IV fluids to flush the remainder of the Benadryl from her system.

While Chyna is expected to be just fine, she does have problems with alcohol abuse, which can exacerbate any situation like this one. She has appeared on Dr. Drew's "Celebrity Rehab" for her alcoholism.

FOXSports reports that Chyna (Joan Marie Laurer) "wrestled for WWE from 1997 to 2001. Her fame was bolstered by the release of the porn film “One Night in Chyna,” in 2004, which featured Laurer and then-boyfriend Sean “X-Pac” Walton."

In addition she appeared on the reality show "The Surreal Life."

Hopefully those closest to Chyna have questioned if the overdose of Benadryl was truly an effort to "get a good night's sleep" and wasn't a cry for help or an attempt at ending her life. Benadryl, while simply an OTC medication, can be very harmful when used in large doses.


Pencil Neck Geek said...

Two bonerphone references in one week- our hit count is no doubt skyrocketing as we speak!

Get well soon, Chyna Doll. And for God's sake, cover up those floppers!

Malibu Sands said...

Arabian Facebuster is all about (1) crooked bonerphone references; (2) risque photos of Chyna's cleavage; (3) the destruction of Hulk Hogan; (4) the discovery of the next Rocky Mountain Thunder.