Friday, September 10, 2010

In Tribute to America

On this ninth anniversary eve of September 11, Arabian Facebuster is proud to pay homage to the US of A via musical montage of what makes this country great -- our children and grandchildren, the flag, our wildlife and breathtaking natural habitat, the pageantry and splendor of our architecture and monuments that resonate with freedom and liberty, slobbering dogs, games of pickup basketball, space shuttles spewing forth into space, and of course "Golden Boy" Jeff Jarrett dropping fists off of second rope turnbuckles and mugging for the camera in front of a babbling fountain -- set to Ray Charles' rendition of "America The Beautiful."

Land of the free, home of the brave indeed.

Just don't alert this man to our tribute, lest you forget who was responsible for attacking and bringing down th' Twin Towers with a feeble looking chair shot and giant boot, and in the process, robbing our nation of its collective innocence, that sun-drenched Tuesday morning.

Never ever never ever never forget.

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