Monday, July 21, 2008

Only 30 Days...

...or if you prefer, 720 hours, until the 2nd Annual Arabian Facebuster Staff Conference and Fan Conclave commences. Hopefully all of you Facebusteraholics have procured your round-trip ticket to Portland through one of this country's finer motor coach operators (consider yourself fortunate if you happen to drop entire blotter of acid prior to boarding; conversely, consider yourself most unfortunate if you do not) and booked your hotel room (be sure to mention your reserving from the Malibu Sands block ). If not, you best get on it, you don't want to miss out on Kamala's crooning, Rocky Mountain Thunder's textile weaving demo, Pencil Neck Geek ordering room service, Mike Adamle's inability to swipe his room key card correctly, or Larry Nelson finagling his way out of what promises to be a five-figure bar tab.

If that friendly needling is not motivation enough, this next announcement will surely be the incentive you need to pick up that replica Paul E. Dangerously cordless telephone and book your travel arrangements pronto: A Saturday night worship and revival service featuring our very own Rev. Von Fury prostylizing from the pulpit and the healing powers and devil exorcising stylings of none other than Brother Love!!!

Find salvation in the affordable luxury of the Shilo Inn--Portland Aiport. Specifically, in the parking lot...under a tent...that's actually not a tent, but a giant toy parachute I stole from the local day care center.


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Pencil Neck Geek said...

Shilo Inn better include ESPN Classic in their cable package!