Monday, February 12, 2007

Say Yr Heretical Prayers and Eat Yr Vitamins

Arabian Facebuster Nation, not that long ago I was like many of you...a skinny and feeble beanpole sorely lacking in self-esteem. How then, did I transform into the confident, chiseled, strapping Adonis standing (errr, I mean blogging) before you today? The answer, my friends, is threefold: a strict exercise regimen, a healthy and balanced diet, and copious amounts of expired Four Horsemen Top Performance System chewable tablets.

Ric Flair and members of the Horsemen, a thousand thank yous for making me the man I am today...the FDA be damned.


Pencil Neck Geek said...

I didn't know they made cocaine in a chewable wafer form.

Rev. vonFury said...

Unbelievable! Does any one think the assorted toothless cousin snugglin' Virginian will be even remotely able to figure what four point five percent of twenty dollars and ninety-five cents is for the tax? I think not!!!