Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I Am Resourceful And Clever (Comcast Can Lick My Balls)

My experiments in the field have confirmed, gentle readers, that Raw en Espanol is indeed a regular fixture of Telemundo's Sunday Afternoon lineup. This means that, with the judicious application of video cassete technology, I can now watch almost every televised wrestling program aired during any given week, while paying exactly NOTHING for cable.

Here's how it works:

Wednesday morning, I watch WSX on the internets. Their brand of incoherent, heavily-edited garbage wrestling becomes even more intense when viewed on the small screen.
Thursday night, th' Facebuster staff congregates at Tom's Pizza And Sports Bar (TV sports schedule permitting) to stuff our faces and watch TNA iMPACT! with the sound off. No Don West!
On Friday, I tape Smackdown! and watch it after I get home from work. The
Animal Batista is my lullabye.
Come Sunday, it's time for the RAW rebroadcast on Telemundo.

And there you have it. Hell, sometimes I can even catch "Squared Circle" on Public Access, in which some phantom wrestling geek shares his enormous library of late-70's wrestling tapes. The only thing I "miss" is ECW.

There you have it. If you're a wrestling fan who pays for cable, you're basically dropping fifty bucks a month just to watch ECW. I know there's some Snitsky fans out there, but still...

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Malibu Sands said...

Watching TNA without the eccentric yet mindless rantings and ravings of D Double W!? How do you sleep at night?