Tuesday, December 23, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Malibu Sands...

...is returning as an ongoing contributor to the Arabian Facebuster project, effective immediately. Yours truly will also be once again tuning into and following all of the tedium, mindlessness, and puerile antics on the flagship of creatively bankrupt sports entertainment serials, Monday Night RAW, along with recommitting to keep my futuristic bomb shelter built for two (the contraption pictured above occupied by my dapperly dressed late Uncle Elmer Sands -- prior to the weight gain, physical deterioration, and hillbillyization -- as he thumbs through the latest issue of Jugs &Ammo Quarterly) stocked to the brim with cases upon cases of Riunite to numb the pain of having to endure such an ordeal each and every Monday night.

Our fledgling readership might be wondering why I am returning now. An early Christmas present? A well timed Hanukkah gift? Belated World's AIDS Day wishes? Preemptive 2009 "The National Wave" sentiments? Not even close.

Pardon my pithiness, but here's your answer.

Now join me in pulling some corks twisting some caps of Riunite in celebration.

1 comment:

The Rev. von Fury said...

I am not even going to bother with the hasle of twisting, I'm tearin' into that Ruinete with my bare teeth and damn the ice!!

Indeed, Monday night's will be twice as nice with the emminent Professor Sands back in the proverbial "Hiz-Ouse".

Now that our esteemed reviewer is returned to the tubes of the internets, it begs but 2 Q's to be A'ed.

1- When can we expect to see someone(AHEM) else's promised review of things (and I do mean Things) properly recited here?

and 2) Does this mean that the "mysterious" and across the Pond lobbed opinions of one Legeezeus Christ's comments shall begin again, too?

...tune in and find out!

the rev.