Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oh the Plot! See How She Thickens...


The Washington Post is reporting that Conn. Democratic State Party SpokesLady Kate Hansen (not of the Stan varietals) is none too pleased with one Vincent Kennedy McMahon's recent proboscis sticking into his onetime wheelchair bound formerly pharmaceutically induced stupified wife's United States Senatorial campaign.

Hansen & The Connecticut State Dems. have called on the Federal Election Commision to investigate the potentially illegal consorting of Vinnie's multi-million $$ corporation & the Senate Campaign of the missus.
“Linda McMahon’s $50 million attack machine now has corporate reinforcements, thanks to the ‘Stand up for WWE’ campaign launched by her husband Vince McMahon. No coincidence, it looks a lot like her political campaign... except this one is probably against the law.”
“Linda McMahon’s claim that her husband’s aggressive public relations campaign is independent of her own political campaign is unbelievable, particularly after Vince McMahon specifically cites the Senate race as the reason for the offensive" said Kate (not-Stan)Hansen.
The Conn.Dems assert the collusion betwixt corporate McMahon & U.S. Senate candidate McMahon
"Represents one of the most brazen and overt attempts by a single corporation to influence a single federal election in modern political history".
Brazen & Overt?! The WWE?!?

No chance. No chance in Hell.


Pencil Neck Geek said...

Fact: Any corpse humpings, in-ring coitus, violent home invasions, daughter crucifictions, transvestite beatings, or excessive "Suck It" gesturing you believe you may have witnessed on WWE programing over the past 15 years are merely delusions induced by excessive knife hits and or/Camo Black Ice consumption.

The WWE urges you to seek help, you sadistic perverts.

Malibu Sands said...

Based on the recent Supreme Court ruling, I'm pretty sure a corporation has the right not only to political speech, but to cast as many votes for a particular candidate as it chooses.