Sunday, October 24, 2010


And yrs truly Malibu Sands did not realize that the "Bragging Rights" Pay Per View was happening in my beloved metropolitan area until I walked past a WWE vehicle parked in front of the Target Center in downtown Minneapolis late last night. No doubt that said vehicle was driven from point A to point B by a card carrying member of the WWE Universe.

To say that the town is buzzing over this event would be a vast overstatement. Nobody is talking about it. And other than guys with short arms and blubbery rumps, ladies with fanny packs being held in place via rotund protruding bellies, and adolescents with complexions that range from pizza faced to crater faced, nobody cares.

Me and my fellow Minnesotans will be doing what we do best...sitting in our Barcaloungers, getting blotto as we watch the Vikings go down in defeat to our bitter Sconie rivals.

Or as we native born Minnesotans like to call it, an annual right of passage.

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