Friday, August 07, 2009

Buck Zumhoffe: High Strung. Disheveled. Hard Hat Wearer.

I realize that for those buffs and enthusiasts of random Great American Bash Clip Friday, getting through today must feel like the equivalent of a yearlong post postpartum depression. Luckily, Arabian Facebuster has got the prescription for yr post-Bash blues...two of the most highly regarded, beloved, gifted American Wrestling Association personalities -- Larry "Oh Geez Oh Criminy"Nelson and Buck "I Find Shorts Constricting"Zumhoffe standing coked up shoulder to coked up shoulder, close talkin'! And for the proverbial marinara dipping sauce frosting on the ol' cheese curd cake, they are joined by country strong, bland babyface Leon "Baby Bull" White who would of course eventually gain far greater prominence and compensation as Big Van Vader...and later as The Man That They Call Vader.


Oh, and alternative but ultimately unselected titles for this post include: "Buck Zumhof: Privileged AND Honored..." "Buck Zumhofe: Loves People Standing Behind Him Chanting Rock & Roll..." "Leon White: Submarine. Buck Zumhoff: Torpedo." "AWA Fans: Could Care Less What Leon White Has 2 Say..." and "Buck ZumHofe: Loves to Squeeze Leon White's Burly Chest."

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The Rev. von Fury said...

...And look at he fans, fans! Pure electricity @ 1:25.