Monday, January 03, 2011

State of the Facebuster Nation, Ctd

Facebuster Status Update:

The real world (READ: My new job...that's right I have departed Tully Blanchard Enterprises Incorporated for more lucrative and certainly greener pastures...say hello to Buck Rock and/or Roll Zumhofe's RocknRollWrestling's Director of Constituent Relations) has been kicking my ass, leaving no time to do what I do best...take umbrage with and and every desperate Hulk Hogan attention seeking/self-promoting shenanigan and upload clips of Jimmy Valiant, The American Starship, and the superstars of the IPW.

But I'm getting back into getting back into getting back into you, Facebuster Nation. The demise of Arabian Facebuster is thus being postponed. We're going out with a Cactus Jack bang bang, not a Mick Foley whimper whimper. Fresh rassle-rassle content is coming oh so very soon...not unlike Rev Von Fury TV!!!

We're choosing to bow on the biggest stage like our idols Flair and HBK...Wrestle Mania, 2011 edition. And unlike Flair, we won't be crawling back for yr adulation completely broken down under the auspices of nostalgia or one more mediocre run for old times sake.

Or will we?

Besides a couple of you still need to make payment arrangements on yr outstanding, Stakes Is High debts.

Thanks for your continued support and readership.


1 comment:

Pencil Neck Geek said...

Congrats on the new job! The number of fan neckties you are processing must be absolutely astounding.

Looking forward to more good stuff in 2011. A march towards semi-retirement more Ricky Steamboat than Jake Roberts...