Monday, June 22, 2009

Killer Bee B. Brian Blair: BUZZZ-ted!!!

B. Brian Blair, everyone's favorite Killer Bee has set th' interwebs abuzz this weekend with a stinging report of his arrest! Seems all's not well back at the Blair Family Hive as his teenage kids are obviously out late perhaps flitting from flower to flower:
"According to the arrest report, Blair, shoved his son Brett in the chest at about 4am Sunday morning. When Brett tried to walk away, Blair grabbed him, punched him in the face and put him in a choke hold, the report states. He then let go of Brett, grabbed younger son Bradley by the throat and punched him, deputies said. Both sons identified their father as the person who attacked them, and Blair was taken to the Hillsborough County jail on two felony counts of child abuse.

Blair appeared in a Florida court this morning after spending last night in jail. The presiding judge in this morning's proceedings ordered Blair to be released from jail and turned over the case to the Department of Children and Families. "
Sounds like there'll soon be a swarm of reporters all over this one!


Malibu Sands said...

B Brian Blair looks a bit like Christopher Knight, the guy who played Peter Brady and who is all over VH1's celeb-reality prime time lineup.

I'll defer to Apollo and PNG for all derisive and mocking Killer Bee related comments!

Pencil Neck Geek said...

Apologies for my recent lack of commenty participationess-preparations for the National Wave 2009 have been extremely demanding on my schedule...

What can I say about B. Brian Blair that hasn't already been said better by the Iron Sheik?