Thursday, September 11, 2008

"The Original Diva on Drugs"

Waxing nostalgic on in her WCW days, Sunny recalls the night that Kimberly Page supposedly found some drug paraphernalia in the women’s bathroom and narc'd Sunny out to Eric Bischoff:

"I volunteered [to take the drug test]. I said, “It’s not mine. I’ll go pee in a cup right now.” They said, “We’ll send you tomorrow when we get to the next town.” I said, “OK, fine. Send me.” So a week after I took the test, I went to [Eric] Bischoff and I said, “Do you have my results yet?” “Uh, no, we can’t seem to locate results.” (sold, perhaps on e-bay((Sunny does after all, have a history of e-auctioning off  biological detritus.)?)

But that night when it all happened, Scott Steiner chased Kimberly Page out of the building and she never came back (laughs). I’ve always been friends with Scott since I was 18 years old. When he heard about what happened – you know, he snaps. You know Scott. He chased her out of the building and she never came back, so at least I got a little bit of my payback that way (laughs)."

All I really want to know is who, or what, or why was Big Poppa Pump leaving his junk out all around a Public Women's Bathroom?


Leighsus Christ said...

That story is so many shades of win.

Pencil Neck Geek said...

I feared what the hyperlink to Big Poppa's "junk" might lead to...

I hear that Steiner has been hanging out in women's locker rooms for years under the alias of Nicole Bass.