Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sparky Plugg Hearts Chick Donovan

Here at Arabian Facebuster, we gain a smug sense of satisfaction when pro wrestling's past intersects and/or collides with its future, more recent past. Take the clip above featuring part-time male stripper, part-time Ultimate Warrior body double, and full-time brightly colored tassle accessorizer Chick Donovan. Culled from the seedy underworld of short-lived, deep south early-to-mid 1980s rasslin' promotions -- an underworld that is once again seeing the light of the day thanks to the power of YouTube and will be receiving a thorough treatment right here at Arabian Facebuster in the weeks and months to come -- this clip from something called World Organization Wrestling which appears to emanate out of Tom Wopat's helicopter hangar and features: (1) If only for a moment, Chick Donovan doing his patented tiny gyrating wang dance; (2) Donovan standing around in the ring, pointing at objects unbeknownst to the announcers, fans around the ringside area and television audience; (3) Donovan unleashing a flurry of right hands and drop kicks delivered at groin level elevation; (4) The adversaries in question finally getting the better of this Benson & Hedges beefcake.

Pretty pedestrian sounding so far, right!?

But wait. It gets marginally better as none other than Bob "Sparky Plugg" Holly-- porn mustache, asymmetrical mullet, crossed eyes, and all -- comes up into save Donovan and assume the proverbial babyface "house of fire" role on the out of shape, backwoods, slack jawed, banjo plucking, moonshine bootlegging, ambivalent towards the Confederacy heel tandem.

"Nothing but excitement here on World Organization Wrestling!" Indeed generic low-budget rasslin' promotion announcer guy. Indeed.


Pencil Neck Geek said...

1 sleeping baby + 1 half sleeping baby = 3 minutes of quality time with Chick Donovan.

I dug his lard ass opponent's death defying aerial maneuver and what appeared to be the most pathetic bribe ever.

Malibu $and$ said...

I'm surprised you didn't comment on my Tom Wopat's helicopter hangar imagery as I thought it apropos.